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Travelling with your baby

family holidays

Travelling with babies can be a rewarding and beautiful experience but it requires lots of PLANNING

As a mother of a 6 month baby I speak or rather write from personal experience!

Here are my top tips:

Choosing your family holidays carefully.

Your baby needs to sleep, eat and be changed regularly therefore a holiday in a hotel with no kitchen can be challenging. I found that renting an apartment or villa is much more comfortable and flexible.

Slow your pace

We used to like being active and see as much as possible when travelling, but nowadays slowing down the pace means a more relaxed holiday for all of us.

Baby accessories

Babies need a travel cot, baby monitors, bottles, toys and many many more accessories to keep them busy. You can take all  that with you or travel to a place that offers some of the accessories to make your flight or travelling hassle free.

Some of Istrawiz apartments for rental and villa rental offer baby travel cots and baby toys. Also many towns including Porec in Istria are really child friendly.  You can find coffee shops where one can leave the toddler indoors to play, while parents can blissfuly drink coffee on the terrace overlooking the marina.


Travelling with babies is definitely easier when the weather isn’t to hot.  From my personal experience avoid the peak season and more importantly heat, between mid July to mid August. The villas are also cheaper to rent in Spring and early Autumn.

swimming pool

swimming pool


Travelling with another family could be a great way of saving money while renting a villas with pool. Before your holiday you might want to agree on few things; what each person wants to do how to share bills in restaurants, splitting the house chores.


Before your travel its worth checking with your Gp about vaccination for your baby.  If any of your children has a pre-existing medical condition, ask for help in identifying a doctor in your destination who specialises in the same condition.Travelling to Croatia doesn’t require any travel related jabs.