Wedding planning

Congratulations you are getting married!!

So now that you’ve decide on tying the knot where to start from?! Don’t worry we are here to help.

Choosing type of wedding & the venue

  • Do you prefer to registry office or a Church wedding?
  • Do you prefer to get married indoors or outdoors?
  • Would you like a wedding in one venue with food, music, decoration under one roof?
  • Small intimate party or a big once in a lifetime event?

Sleeping arrangements

  • Will you and your guest stay in hotels?
  • Would you like the wedding venue to be near your guest hotels/accommodation?


  • Would you like a weekend or week wedding?
  • Which season?


  • Do you like a violin or a rock band?
  • Music all night long or only during the ceremony?

Decoration & Food

  • Flowers
  • Colour scheme
  • Simple or Complex
  • Lunch. dinner, or canapés?

Once you know your requirements, email us on for more details.

We will talk about your request with our Croatian wedding planners partners and come up with a best possible offer.

Once e decide to work for you we can discuss in detail on all things importnat such us: wedding cake, photographer, dvd,car, transport, flowers and much more!

After you arrive in Croatia before your big day our Croatian wedding planners will sit down and discuss all the requirements again just to make sure everyone is happy and ready for the big day.

Your wedding day

Our wedding planner can spent time at your wedding making sure all is coordinated and running smoothly

Photographs or DVD might not be ready immediatly for collection, that needs to be arranged and sent to your home address.


I hope this helps in your wedding planning!