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Ten things you didn’t know about Croatia

dalmatian Dog Croatia


  • Dalmatian dogs (seen film: 101 Dalmatians) got their name after Dalmatia, a south coastal region in Croatia

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  • Croatian mercenaries in the French service, were wearing their traditional small, knotted neckties. This influenced the fashionable Parisians, who liked it and named the necktie  after the Croats, ‘Cravat’.tesla
  • Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia in the village Smiljan.  Rumours have it that Tesla and Edison were the original recipients of the Nobel prize. Neither was given the award because of their animosity toward each other; that each sought to minimize the other’s achievements and right to win the award; that both refused ever to accept the award if the other received it first; that both rejected any possibility of sharing it; and even that a wealthy Edison refused it to keep Tesla from getting the $20,000 prize money.



  • The most preserved Roman amphitheater is actually located in Pula which is the only one in the world with all 3 rows completely preserved.


  • The White House was built using stones from Croatia’s island of Brac.



  • Venice Island was built on a foundation of Croatian tree trunks. 1200 years later, those same trunks still support almost all of central Venice.
  • Over the course of two years, James Joyce taught English in the Croatian city of Pula.
  • Eduard Penkala, who developed the first solid-ink fountain pen, was born in Croatia.
  • tartuf The largest truffle in the world, which is 19.5cm long, 12.4 cm wide and 13.5 cm high, was discovered near Buje, Croatia.