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Rovinj Villas

Rovinj villas


American Author and television personality, Rick Steves went to Rovinj and recommends this Venetian old town for it’s beautiful architecture, artistic narrow streets and romantic Croatian sunset.

We love Rovinj at Istrawiz; it’s pastel colour crumbling buildings, its romantic harbour and the narrow car free old town streets. Many of our holiday villa rentals are located in central Istria only a short drive to the old town of Rovinj.

As Rick demonstrates in the video, we recommend walking up the steep steps in the Eufemija church for the amazing views of the Adriatic and Rovinj. We recommend walking and swimming in the Zlatni Rt, just south of the old town. The beaches are mainly rocky, but the sea is crystal clear.

Restaurants in central Rovinj are pretty good, but we recommend moving away from the touristy restaurants more inland for a more authentic Istria experience. We particularilly like ‘Konoba Dub’ Mirjana, the owner will greet you with a big smile and offer a lovely grappa aftre your delicious dinner.

Most central Rovinj accommodation is small apartments and big hotels so we recommend moving away from the centre and getting one of our villas on Rovinj. Holiday Villas in Rovinj are much better value for money within a driving distance to most attractions in Istria.