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Long weekend in Istria, Croatia

Rovinj villas

So you’re planning a weekend gateway and are stuck with ideas on some cool, new and different places to visit this spring? Istria, being only 1.45 hrs away from most UK and Northern European airports, is a great option!

Here is what to do in Istria, if you only have 3 days:


The closest airport is located in Pula, south Istria. Many budget airlines such as RyanAir, Jet2 & Croatian Airlines fly to Pula. Another option is flying to Trieste airport in Italy. Trieste is only a 2 hour drive to central Istria.

The easiest and quickest way to get around Istria is to rent a car. If you prefer a driving-free long weekend we suggest a taxi ride from Pula airport to central Rovinj.


apartment rental istria

In central Rovinj we have a fantastic holiday apartment available for rental. Andrana apartment It’s an ideal long weekend holiday apartment as it’s central, and  walking distance to many restaurants and many sights. The price this April is only €97 PER DAY, and for a group of 4 people is a real bargain!





valentino bar

Imagine sitting on a cushion, on a cliff by the Adriatic sea, watching the Mediterranean sunset, while a waiter brings you the most fantastic cocktail. Head to Valentino bar just few minutes walking distance from your holiday apartment.







Central Rovinj has many restaurants worth visiting so you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you want to treat yourself go to restaurant Monte.  You’l experience a luxurious service and creative food.The tasting menu is a good choice. Prices are not cheap, but the service and food is exceptional.

For a more traditional Istrian experience head to restaurant DUB, just few minutes outside Rovinj centre.  We love it’s simplicity, staff and its location between the vineyards.




Stroll around central Rovinj and loose yourself in its narrow streets. Head up to St. Eufemija church and walk up toward the bell. This is not for the fainthearted as the steps are really narrow, steep and health and safety challenge.