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Istrian restaurant review

san rocco entree

San Rocco- Brtonigla, 

Few days ago I had a pleasure of dinning at San Rocco restaurant.  This is a stunning boutique hotel situated in Brtonigla, central Istria.

The hotel itself is petite and welcoming. The whole building is a traditional Istrian barn renovated to high standards. The idea behind the hotel is to offer its customers a relaxing holiday with its small spa and swimming pool as well as an amazing gastronomical experience.We had a small baby with us and the hotel staff was really friendly and welcoming. They were helpful in warming up baby’s milk and preparing baby’s travel cot.

We started our dinner with a small entree offered by the restaurant, a dollop of locally sourced Istrian ‘skuta’ which is similar to ricotta, served with a home made salted bread.The presentation was clean and the dish simple yet really tasty. We ordered a starter of Istrian ham, which although doesn’t require cooking is a staple in Istrian cousine. The ham must be locally sourced and smoked to specific Istrian standards in order to have that peppery yet sweet recognisable taste. The ham served was of the highest standard, served with delicious black olives, home-made bread and home-made olive oil.


istrian olive oilThe olive oil itself,made by San Rocco  requires a whole new review and chapter as its absolutely delicious.




istrian polentaAs a first course we have polenta served in a martini glass.The polenta was soaked in delicious rich and warming sauce made with vrganji mushrooms.(ceps) At the bottom of the glass there was also a hidden scallop. Although a lover of scallops I would prefer the dish without it as I don’t think it goes well together.

As a main dish I ordered slow cooked veal, wrapped in Istrian ham and  served with mash potatoes.


istrian restaurant review

steak with truffles This is a perfect winter warmer dish, tasty, hearty cooking.My partner ordered steak with truffles, which was served already sliced as a ‘tagliatta’. The steak was  also cooked to perfection.




chocolate mousse

To finish this decadent dinner we ordered the unusual  olive oil chocolate mousse.The amazing olive oil was delicately present in the rich and smooth chocolate pudding which was a perfect ending to this amazing meal. All in all I think this is a small hotel has great ambitions which we applaud and hope it becomes renowned internationally as I think it could match any other top London restaurant.