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Istria villas

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Renting out an Istria holiday villa has never been so easy.

Find a villa you like via the search box where you can select the criteria important to you; area, price and capacity. You will be presented with a selection of villas in Istria.

Check availability by filling out our quick form specifying any special requirements that you or your party have. We will get back to you within a few hours any time of the day or any weekday. Once we chat with you and to the villa owner we will send you a booking confirmation, and upon receipt of your deposit your summer holiday in one of our Istrian villas is booked!

Here are a few tips on how to save money when renting a holiday villa in Istria:

  • Book in advance
  • Book by the week (not days)
  • By travelling as a family or in a larger group can save you money. The larger the Istrian holiday villa means usually more rooms and therefore accommodating more people. Some of the villas have a sofa bed which means even more savings.
  • Don’t let the price daunt you, just do the math: Per night, villas might seem pricey comparing to hotels, but remember that you get all the bedrooms for that one rate. Meals and drinks are easily much cheaper then those in hotels. Also don’t forget that you get privacy and the pool for yourself!
  • Know What You Want? What kind of holiday villa are you after? Do you require housekeeping every day, or are you willing to do your own dishes ? Would you prefer a rental villa close to a town or in a more isolated location? Considering any extras, such as guided tours; evening shows?

villa rentalAnd finally: Talk to us

For any clarifications on our villas contact us via chat or call us on Skype:

Contact name: Istrawiz


Here are some wonderful Istrian villas rentals