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How to act as a Croat

kiss cheeck

Here few tips on those awkward social situations where you not sure how to behave….

Being in the south of Europe Croatians dont particularly have different habits to its neighbouring countries, but here are few tips that will help you in situations where you socialise with the Croats.

Greeting: The Croats don’t hug, it’s too much of a commitment they prefer kissing or air kissing when introduced to a person. It has to be in both cheeks, and yes, men kiss too.

You might be asked: how you doing? This question doesn’t necessarily require a long answer such as your life story. Croats are a bit inpatients and trying to be polite but don’t really want to know about your stomach cramps last night.


if you are asked about how do you like Croatia though you will be asked to elaborate about which parts of the culture you like the most. Croats are proud of their culture and cousine.


If you lucky enough to be invited for a meal in a Croatian’s house you will be greeted with some delicious home cooked food, followed by coffee (some like it Turkish one others mocha coffee) and possibly grappa.COFFEE

You wil probably remember the phrase, jedi,jedi jedi repeated at you!(eat eat eat).Croatians think is rude to have a guest over and not treat you as a king so they will be offering you food and drinks constantly.

Remember you don’t have to say yes; it isn’t rude to say; no thanks I am fine.

Talking about food: one is required to talk extensively about food and it’s flavours in Croatia. A simple thanks, that was delicious isn’t enough. Watching some master chef will train you to talk about food more extensively.


If you out in a bar or coffee shop, the Croats will be very generous and quick to pick up the bill. This doesn’t mean; aah ok then, thanks. That’s rude in Croatia. You have to wrestle with them and offer to pay it yourself or share the costs.

Alternatively if you loose the bill battle, offer them another round of drinks or invited them out again.

Restaurants bills

One is expected to tip in restaurants, but the usual 10% rule fro the tips it isn’t valid in Croatia. One is more likely to round the bill up or to add an amount that one feels reflexes the service provided.This can be anything between 5 to 20% of the total bill.

kids foodKids

Babies and kids are very welcomed in Croatian restaurants. Kids are also expected to behave and eat their food properly rather then chucking it around the floor or run around the venue.(like everywhere else!)