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Day trip inspiration in Istria

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If you need inspiration for a day trip around Istria…

Here is wat I did for Easter 2013, when the weather was coldish & grey, unfortunatelly. I didnt fancy staying in my apartment to long…

My route was Novigrad - Pula - SvetVincenat - Dvigrad -Novigrad


In the morning I ventured with my car from Novigrad south towards Pula.In this picture we are driving over the Antenal bridge where the sea and the river Mirna merge together in this beautiful blue estury.








From Novigrad it takes 35 minutes to drive to LimFjord, pictured here.One can stop and look at the amazing view of thousands of trees mergimg with the sea.Lim Fjord in Istria has few amazing fish restaurants one must visit!







After 45 minutes driving, we arrive at the Pula Arena, a magnificent landmark in Pula.The Arena s the name of the amphitheatre located in Pula,and its the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved.It was constructed in 27 BC

Totally worth a visit!




From Pula we drove back up north to Svetvincenat or Saint Vincent. I love this place, its such a nice village. The centre of the village you’ll find the Grimaldi castle, pictured here.After that I felt a bit pekish and fancied  a good Istrian meal which I had next door in the local family owned restuarant.






We eat truffle pasta and some meat cooked on the traditional Istrian fireplace pictured here.Absolutely delicious!


Driving up north trough the Draga valley,we stopped in Dvigrad this pretty abandoned medieval town in central Istria.The history of the settlement is prehistoric; it remained inhabited until the 18th century.After several hours driving and sightseeing we were back in Novigrad.I hope this helps in your next day trip planing around Istria.I liked it a lot!