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Croatian Christmas

christmas in Croatia

St. Nicholas on the 05th December – Croatian children are visited by St.Nicholas an old saint who brings them sweets if they were good, but if they aren’s then the evil Krampus, who travels with St.Nicholas, will bring them a tree branch, suggesting spanking!



13th December, St.Lucia – Croats plant wheat seeds in a small bowl, which usually grows by Christmas. The christmas Wheat is often put under a Christmas tree symbolising ‘the new bread’.



Christmas Eve-  Most Croats have a fish based dinner and go off to the midnight mass. Younger generations carry on celebrating in bars and clubs until the early hours of the night!


Christmas day – Similarly to many countries, Croats indulge in nice food and spend Christmas together with families, exchanging presents.

06th January – the end of the holiday season, when Croats celebrate the Epiphany (the feast day of the three kings visiting Jesus). The christmas decorations are being removed.