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Croatia Villas

Plitvice lakes, Croatia


Today, Croatia is pulling out all the stops. Trees froth with blossoms, fields are speckled gold with wildflowers, and there’s the scent of summer in the air. The temperature is 68 F. Perfect for boat trips, islands and exploring fishing ports — the kind where nets dry in the sunlight, cats snooze on doorsteps, and harbor restaurants come with terrace tables brightened by red-checker cloths. InternationalLiving.com

Croatia’s tagline is Mediterranean as it once was. The tagline suits Croatia perfectly; simplicity of the warm Mediterranean climate, coast stretching over 1,000 miles with over 1,000 islands in the warm and clean Adriatic sea, many natural parks and beaches. Croatia has something for everyone.

The real ‘Kings landing’ from the Game of Thrones is filmed in South Croatia.

Holidaymakers can truly enjoy Croatia’s breathtaking landscape, its cultural sites, its amazing cuisine, as well as its many activities on offer in all of its regions. Croatian climate is mild Mediterranean, which means,long warm summers and mild winters.One can visit Croatia for most of the year. For a quieter and warm holiday one should visit in Autumn or Spring, or for a more hectic one in the busy summer months.

We love all of Croatia, but we choose to represent only the region of Istria. Why? Because we think it has all of the Croatian beauty encapsulated in one peninsula.

And we know Istria inside out. We have a wide selection of properties in West, East and Central Istria. All of the villas are villas with a private swimming pool.

Why booking with us, Istrawiz?

Istrawiz is a start up company that started with a big idea to give customers, best value, best information and local’s advice, on the region of Istria.  We believe that by specialising only in Istria the customer can get best service. So do get in touch and talk to us!

We have a selection of over 100 holiday villas all across Istria.

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