Croatian money

moneyIs called KUNA.

Kuna litreally means ‘marten’, funny right!? It is based on the medieval trading of marten pelts as units of value.

1 Kuna is made of 100 lipa’s. The word lipa lterally means linden treeIs.

Obtaining Kuna’s before departing for Croatia

It is possible to obtain Kunas is some Forex stores or order Kunas online i.e.Travelex offers this service at 0% commission.

Croatian Cash Points

Cash Points or Bankomat (in Croatian). They are readily available in most town centers, resorts, supermarkets etc.

The service charge for using the cash point is small but it also depends on your own personal bank. The exchange rate used is generally good and reliabale. For money withdrawal you can generally use your:MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and Diners.On the Croatian cash points you also have a choice of languages, so you dont have to decipher Croatian!

Exchange Offices

In most tourist resort there will be plenty of small exchange offices as well as banks to exchange your foreign money.Croatian National Bank exchange rate is the official one. Click here to check todays rate.

Traveller’s Cheques

You can also use traveller’s cheques in Croatia. Euro cheques are accepted, but you will have to change them into Kuna. You can do so in all major banks. However, the downside of using traveller’s cheques in Croatia is that they can carry higher commissions.


Certain services you can pay with euros, such as restaurants, hotels or taxis. Euro isn’t the official currency in Croatia so no one is obliged to take it. Even though Croatia will join the EU in July 2013 the Euro wont become its currency for a while.

Bear in mind that the Croatian kuna is’nt exchangeable outside its borders. Make sure you spend them all!

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