Porec, also known as Parenzo

Located on the west coast of Istria, with its 6th century Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, Porec is well worth a visit!

Many of our apartments & villas are located in the Porec area. The reason for that is that Porec is the ideal spot for exploring the seaside resorts and ‘green’inland villages and towns of Istria. Porec also has an incredible amount of great restaurants and lots of entertainment and things to do!

Short History of Porec

Porec is almost 2,000 years old, and is set around a harbor protected from the sea by the small island of St. Nicholas. The area of Porec has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
During the reign of Emperor Augustus in the 1st century, Porec officially became a city and was part of the Roman colony of Colonia Julia Parentium.
In the 3rd century a Christian settlement and community was organised around complex sacral buildings, this was the early basilica, which was dedicated to Saint Maurus. Today Sv.Mauro is celebrated as the saint of Porec.
Within the fall of the Roman empire in 476, different rules ruled Porec; Ostrogoths, Byzantine Empire, Franks & Patriarchate of Aquileia. Latre, in 1267 Porec became the first Istrian city to choose being part of the Venetian Republic; this lasted more than five centuries.
Venetian Style architecture is visible in the old town of Porec. In 1363 the town was given the City Statute. Porec’s population declined drastically because of the plague in the 17 century.
After the fall of the Venetian Republic, Pore? came under the sovereignty of the Habsburg Monarchy. For a short time between 1805 and 1814, Pore? was part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy and then of the Illyrian Provinces, nominally part of the First French Empire. After this period Porec was returned to the Habsburgs, and therefore the Austrian Empire. During that time Porec became the capital of Istria as well as popular tourist destination with the Austro-Hungarians.

Porec joined the Kingdom of Italy in 1918. Post second world war it joined Yugoslavia and as of then became part of Croatia. Today, the city’s Italian name (“Parenzo”) is also used in an official capacity.


  • Euphrasian Basilica
  • Porec Old Town
  • Romanesque House

Istrawiz reccomends

  • Sip coffee in one of many coffee shops by the marina & watch the wolrd go buy
  • Eat magnificent sea food in Porec’s many good restaurants
  • Go up the tower ‘Tore Rotonda’ and have a pre dinner aperitif


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