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iStock_000009910842XSmallWhy consider Istria in Croatia for dental treatment?

Beeing fairly new on the medical and dental tourism circuit Istria in Croatia is very competitive in offering top quality private dental treatment. Since there is plenty of natural beauty around, one can enjoy a trully magnificent holiday pre and post treatment, with lakes, waterfalls, woods mountains and a magnificent rocky coastline.

Our trusted dentist surgery is located in pretty coastal town of Porec, where most of our apartments for rent are situated. With its unesco potected basilica, rocky coastline, ancient town centre and warm mediterrenian climate; it offerst a dream location and the quality of care and the cost of dentistry is highly competitive.

Furthermore, dentists study for many years to train and qualify, keeping up to date with the latest approaches in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics. The surgeries in Croatia which specialise in medical tourism, have modern high tech dental equipment and English speaking staff and the rates are very attractive.

Istrian dentist are particularly popular with Italian patients mainly to its porximity to Italy, competitive prices and professional service.


Check out some sample prices from our Istrian dentists. Email us for more info & quotation


  • Fillings 35 to 45€
  • First dental Examination 10€
  • Anaesthetic 10€
  • Extractions 30 to 40€
  • veneers 150€
  • implants 850€
  • teeth whitening 400€
  • bridge 150€ per tooth
  • Root canal treatment – for one canal 30€
  • Precision attachment partial metal denture 750€
  • Full-ceramic Zirconium crown 300€
  • scale& polish 35€
  • Total acrylic prostheses 600€

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We can arrange your first appointment and find you accommodation next to the dental practice in an attractive area of Porec, Istria.



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Croatia has four seasons and two climatic zones. Inland, visitors can enjoy temperate continental weather and a pleasant Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast with plenty of sunshine, dry hot summers and mild, humid winters. The best time to visit Croatia is spring and autumn if you want to avoid the really hot weather, but if you’re keen to spend recuperative time on the beaches then July and August are ideal!


Croatia is a short two hour flight away from the UK and return fares can be grabbed from as little as £50 with Ryanair (dependent on season and offers available), so combining your dentistry with a holiday or short break in this stunning country should be given serious consideration.


Our trusted dentistry partner has many years of experience in the field. Working form a beautiful state of the art studio he is thoughtful and explains thoroughly what the procedures means and how he is doing it. IstraWiz team visited him for several years for simple and complex procedures. Our family and friends have always been very satisfied with his services.

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