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“… Istria, a cone-shaped peninsula that juts off Slovenia and tapers to a point about 40 miles into the Adriatic Sea. It is a land that inspired James Joyce and Jules Verne, and was rediscovered by tourists only after the Croatian war for independence ended in 1995.” NY Times

Be inspired, get into action and explore Istria:

Cycling through Istria


Why not explore Istria on a pushbike? One can start from its mountains in the north and travel trough the coastal road to the southernmost part called Rt. Kamenjak. Alternatively from west coast to the east coast, through the wonderful central Istrian hilly villages.

There are plenty of alternatives for everyone, form the hard core cyclist pedaling trough a steep rand ewarding hills or plenty of easy going family friendly trails. There is enough choices for everyone’s taste. In any way you’ll be rewarded with beutiful unspoilt views of mediaval towns in central Istria or with views of the pretty Adriatic Sea and it’s islands.

Istrawiz recommends the route of the former Parenzana railway. It has been turned into a real attraction for hikers and cyclists. If you pass at least over a part of its route, you will be thrilled by its tunnels, bridges and viaducts, as well as by its beautiful woodlands Parenzana, also called the Truffle road so dont forget to try some in small family run restaurants.

parenzana Here is the Parenzana map, feel free to print it out, enjoy!

 Scuba diving


Diving in Istria is possible through the whole year as the Adriatic Sea, as its pretty warm with a wide choice of sights: from unspoilt underwater nature, well preserved animal life, caves and shipwrecks.Its is suitable for experienced or amateur divers. Dive centres throughout Istria provide diving courses (CMAS, PADI, NITROX, APNEA) that take you to exciting underwater sites.At these centres, you can rent top-quality and tested equipment or have your own equipment repaired and maintained. The vicinity of a hyperbaric chamber located in Pula adds to your safety in diving.

Follow this link for the ”Istra diving” brochure developed by the region of Istra. Here you wil find 23 most attractive locations of sunken ships and 40 submarine reefs. There is also some useful information and Croatian laws and regulations, it also contains the list of diving centres authorised for tourist recreational diving which offer to tourists various possibilities of exploring the Adriatic off-shore.



Riding and nature enthusiasts will certainly enjoy riding in Istria and discovering this magnificent peninsula. There are plenty of horse centres and ranches scattered in Istria. The horses are specially trained for this type of terrain.


Riding is suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. There are different types of itineraries one can choose from, trekking paths along with the horse-riding school and excursions and other activities in the nature, complete with enjoyments in gastronomic specialties of the area. IstraWiz team arranged a great deal for you check it out!